Inconsiderate People Make Me So Angry!

This is so true

Dream Big, Dream Often

DannyLast night I needed something from Publix so I left my hotel room and I drove the 2 minutes to the store.  I go in and buy my dairy-free ice cream.  When I come out there is a lady parked beside me putting her groceries in her car.  She then proceeds to place her shopping cart directly in front of my car instead of walking it the extra 15 feet to roll it into the cart cage.

When I saw her leave the cart there I shook my finger at her and asked her why she would be so incredibly lazy to leave the cart so close to my car that if it should roll 1 foot it would hit my car.  She completely ignored me and got in her car and drove off.

Have we gotten to a place that people are so absolutely and completely self-absorbed that they…

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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Yes!!! I’m living in the waiting-place and contentedly feeling comfortably uncomfortable.


I am comfortably uncomfortable in this waiting place of whats next.

Feeling the winds of change continue to whisper softly that it will be okay.

Trusting that in the past when I’ve listened to my inner restlessness, I’ve been able to author my own personal growth adventure, instead of stagnantly waiting for someone to tell me that this is whats next for you.

Pressing the pause button so I could slow down, evaluate whats been working for me and what I’ve been doing that no longer fills my cup. Setting myself up to listen to the whispering winds of change. Uncomfortable as that is.

Hearing the words of a lifelong friend telling me the truth, widening the picture for me with the force of dynamite because I had developed a bad case of tunnel vision. Those wise words, love the one your with, seared into my head and heart.

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It Is ALL Up To You

Life is what you make it. Very true. I’m guilty of making my life miserable for seven years. I’ve made the decision to do things different. Aria Bella….you’re always so awesome. Love this

Aria-Bella Rises


Life is what you make it.

It really really is. It is ALL up to you.

If you want something different- do it. If you want to go in a different direction- off you go. Do not wait for things to be perfectly aligned or fall in your lap.

Go out and get them with both hands and take inspired action each and every day.

Life is what you make it so if things aren’t sunshine and butterflies, time to delve into why not?

Why keep playing small? Why keep hiding? Why keep choosing negatively when positivity is calling your name!

Today is a reminder to step up!

Grab your life with both hands and make it what you will.

“I take responsibility for my life and take only right actions”

We are cheering for you.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Find Your Way Back 7-19-18

As a teenager I was a big fan of Jefferson Starship. I used to love the band. “Find Your Way Back” was certainly a favorite.

This morning on my walk for some reason I thought of this song and listened to it while I was walking. As I listened to the lyrics I found myself relating to some of the words.

Like the song, for me, the past few years (seven to be exact) have certainly been a long road since I packed up and left home looking for a new life only to turn around, leave San Francisco and find my way back home. The place I left in the first place. I can honestly say I’ve carried a heavy load along the way. However, as I pondered where I’ve been, I realized I’m no longer in that space anymore. In fact, those dark days seem like they happened so long ago.

These past several months I finally began to feel the fog lift. Occasionally, I’ve even felt like a turtle poking his head out feeling things out to ensure it was safe to finally come out of my shell and begin moving forward.

I believe we all face trials in our lives. At times those trials bring you to your knees. If you’re not careful, you find yourself stuck in a cesspool of water feeling like you’re drowning. I’m embarrassed to admit, that’s what happened to me. I’ve been drowning for a very long time. Trauma, grief, finances, breakups, lawsuits, cancer, illness…..the list goes on leading to depression, anxiety and yes….PTSD. Through it all, somewhere along the way I realized I’m the same strong woman I always was before everything in my life turned upside down. I’m still funny. I’m still strong. I’m still smart. I’m still that crazy, fabulous me I’ve always been. My circumstances may have changed and maybe I’ve been lost for awhile but I realize I’m still the same “me” I’ve always been. Love me or not, I am who I am and I’m ok with being me. I saw a quote I had posted a few years ago. “Sometimes, in order to be happy in the present moment, you have to be willing to give up all hope for a better past”. Truth!!! I can’t change the past but I can certainly choose to be happy now.

On Saturday, I’ll be on an airplane flying far away from here for the next two weeks in search of finding the peace and healing I need to finally find my way back. I’m so close. I can feel it. It occurred to me this morning that despite all the “rock bottom” moments we experience in our lives, somehow, someway we always find our way back. Of course, when you’re in the thick of the chaos swirling around you it’s hard to grasp the idea that eventually this too shall pass. I can assure you that based on my experience whatever you’re going through right now, trust me, more importantly trust god, and know this too will pass and before you know it, you will find your way back. Until then, don’t get caught up in depression, feeling sorry for yourself and whatever you do….DO NOT spend three years in your bedroom at your moms house watching Hallmark Romance movies like I did. Lol. What a waste of so many precious moments!! My advice is find your happiness in the present. Enjoy the ride. It might take seven years but I guarantee you will find your back. Just ask me.

In the meantime if you can’t find some inspiration or joy today, I’m posting my favorite Jefferson Starship song as a reminder to stay in faith. Today is the first day of finding your way back. My comeback is right around the corner. I believe yours is too!!

All Roads Lead To The Same Destination

I’m interested to see where this crazy journey is leading me. It’s been a very painful one

Aria-Bella Rises


All roads can lead to the same destination.

The Angels want to give you a heads up that there are many paths on the way to the destination you are heading, so don’t fret worrying you are on the wrong one.

You wouldn’t be on it, if there wasn’t a reason for it.

More learning, a deeper path into what you need to draw the wisdom from, the direct path to greatness. And at any time you want to use a different road, go do it. You are nit stuck on a running machine with no off button!

You can move at any time you choose to.

“I follow my path, knowing it will always be right for me”

We will nudge you if you need to course correct. But just remember, every journey has gold, every rock we trip over has a story to share, every curve reveals something…

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Fear of Sharks Can Get In the Way of A Great Swim

I am guilty of allowing fear to stand in the way of moving forward or doing things that might get me ahead. Great read and great words.

Dream Big, Dream Often


Fear of Sharks Can Get In the Way of A Great Swim

I heard some people talking this past weekend about never swimming in the ocean because that’s where sharks live.  It was a funny conversation, but the lady talking was being sincere in expressing her fear.  She explained that if she never gets in the water she will never have to worry about getting eaten by a shark.  And I cannot argue with her logic.

But what about the coolness of the water on the skin?  What about experiencing the awesomeness of an afternoon swim?  Maybe a little belly surfing?  If her mind doesn’t change she will never be eaten by a shark, but she will also never experience the greatness of the water.

Listening to her talk got me to thinking about fear in general.  I wonder how many people think like this on other topics.  If I…

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Be Fierce In What You Believe In

One thing about me is I’m fierce in standing up for what I believe in. I always try and choose the good.

Aria-Bella Rises


Be fierce in what you believe in. Choose the good in all.

Today is a reminder to always stand in your power and what you believe in.

Protect it fiercely and go forth and rule your world. It doesn’t mean your beliefs are not fluid and changeable, but it does mean standing firm in your decision and beliefs.

Because if we can’t stand fiercely in those – what chance do we have?? And choose the good in all.

If you firmly choose to see the good, you will find it. And if you find the good in things, you’ll find it in yourself and that is where the gold lies!

“I stand fiercely like a lion in my beliefs, allowing them to be as fluid as I am. I choose to see the good in this world, and myself”

You can be the change in your life and the world…

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