What Can I Say…I’m A Nerd 4-24-18

I am notorious for listening to the Motown station as well as The Groove, 70’s and 80’s stations on Sirius radio in my car. What can I say, I’m stuck in a time warp. The other day I picked up my niece and nephew after school listening to one of these stations. I don’t recall which song it was but I’m Confident it was from the Disco era. My niece got in the car and said “aunt Velma. Can you please turn down that music?” I turned around and asked “why? Don’t you like it?” She said “No! Its embarrassing!” Lol. Mind you she’s only 7. My kids used to think I was the ultimate nerd. Now I know it’s true. Even my niece and nephew are embarrassed.

Today on the way to pick up my niece I thought I’d venture out and listen to something from the 90’s. I pulled up at the school jamming to The Smashing Pumpkins. No word from my niece other than “can you please turn off the heater? I’m roasting in this car!” Lmao. I should mention besides being a musical 70’s nerd, I’m also always cold and am notorious for always having my heater on. Even in the summer. I think it might be time to break free from This time warp I’ve been living in otherwise my grandkids are going to call me a nerd one day too. With that said I’ll leave you with one of my classic tunes that after all these years I still listen to in private.


Closure Helps

I have been doing just that this past week. Writing and closing chapters

Aria-Bella Rises


Closure helps to move you forward in life.
So you are not stuck back there.
If you need to write it out, talk it out, get it out do so and then find a way to close that chapter.
That chapter has brought you many lessons, but you do not need to dwell in it anymore. See the messages you need and then see the door closing.
You are only getting yourself caught in the sludge by not doing so.
So for the love of yourself. Close the chapter.  Be grateful for the chapter and open your arms wide for what’s next.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Yippee Moment 4-22-18


By Maria Shriver

A profoundly simple idea came to me last weekend.

It came way before I watched the Comey interview. Way before the Time 100 list came out. Way before Jeff Bezos told us how many Amazon Prime customers there actually are. (OMG.)

The idea came to me as I was sitting in conversation with three old friends and a dog. I don’t know exactly whose idea it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the dog’s. 😉

The idea came out of one of those conversations that traversed the news of the day, the bumps of life, and the challenges at hand. As we were talking, we collectively decided that we all needed more joy in our lives. “Yippee moments,” to be exact.

What is a yippee moment, you ask? Well, it’s a moment you consciously celebrate. It’s a moment where you decide that you get to feel joy-filled at least once per day, since most of us don’t focus on finding joyful moments on a daily basis.

Most of us are so bogged down getting through life and attending to life’s never-ending stream of responsibilities that before we know it, we aren’t playing anymore. We aren’t celebrating anymore. We aren’t thinking “yippee!”

Instead, we have our heads down in our computers or phones. We’re dealing with evolving relationships, changing kids, sick friends, our own health, aging parents, and bills. Lots and lots of bills.

Sure, you can stay on this path and say, “well, that’s just life.” Or, you can consciously decide, like I have done, to find a daily “yippee!”

Even though this new practice is only a week old, it’s actually lightened and lifted my spirits and changed my thinking.

Yippee! My kids asked to come over!

Yippee! I got to meet Bob Goff this week, whose playful spirit and view of love made my day and got me thinking more expansively about love and life.

Yippee! I got invited to my daughter’s place for dinner, which made me swell with pride.

Yippee! a friend called to check in on me. Another sent a text out of the blue simply to say they were proud of me!

Yipee! A friend jumped in to help me with Move for Minds and donated money without me even asking her. Wow!

Yippee! My brother called to say he would come to town to celebrate his birthday with me.

Yippee! My son called from college and he didn’t ask for money. He just wanted to check in!

Yippee! I got to do a loving-kindness meditation with the legendary Jack Kornfield and his wife, Trudy, Thursday night. Lucky, lucky me!

Now, to be honest, there were moments this past week that were also challenging and emotional. (On Friday, I gave the eulogy at my friend Nancy’s memorial service and there were lots of tears.)

But, focusing my mind on joy this week — focusing on celebrating, on clapping my hands, on hugging a friend, on twirling in a skirt, on counting my blessings — well, it just changed my week. It changed my outlook and my spirit.

I’m hoping that this “yippee!” thinking might do the same for you. I know it might sound young and childlike, perhaps even silly. But that’s the point. That’s the gift.

Look, life is a gift. And for God’s sake, it’s short. There is no doubt in my mind that we could all use more yippee moments in our lives. We could all use more laughter and more joy. If you don’t believe me, just turn on the news.

P.S. “I’ve Been Thinking… Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life” is still on The NY Times Bestsellers list! OMG, thank you and yippee! Oh, and it’s almost Mother’s Day! Yippee, yippee!

I subscribe to Maria Shrivers Sunday Paper. I receive her paper every Sunday by email. I’d like to encourage you to sign up. Maria is so inspiring.

You Got This!

Great words of encouragement. Monday I have an infusion and appt with my oncologist. Friday I’m having a test to find where a blockage is in my stomach and in the coming weeks I’m presenting a settlement offer to a family member who stole everything from my family and I. Things don’t look easy but like the message “the only way through this is going through this”. Great blog

Aria-Bella Rises


You’ve totally got this!
There is no other option but through.
Through with grace and ease.
You have sooooo got this. You wouldn’t have been given and chosen this life if up above wasn’t sure you could handle it.
Anytime you have something to get through, just keep telling yourself ” The only way is through, the only way is through. And I do it easily”
Yes there is going to be challenges, yes there’s going to be out of this world amazeball moments you wish you could hold onto to. But the beauty of life is going through the highs and lows so you can learn to appreciate everything.
Be kinda boring if everything was the same day in and day out.
So remember through it all. YOU’VE GOT THIS
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Alive To Face Another Day

Great reminder

Aria-Bella Rises


Wake up this morning and every morning and say
“I am alive, what a fantastic day to be alive. I am going to make it a blissfull day”
You are alive to face another day – woohoo!! That alone is a celebration! So let’s act like this each and every day.
Who can put their hand up to wanting to hit snooze several times, to moaning and groaning in your pillow that getting up sucks and grumbly you have to do this and that today?
And remember a time when you leapt out of bed even before the alarm got to ring, all excited for what was coming?
Which one made you feel better?
Wherever we put our energy, grows so why not make it a great start to the day and affirm before you are even out of bed what a mighty spectacular day you are going to have.

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Nothing Lasts

Perfect for what’s going on in my life today

Aria-Bella Rises


Nothing lasts.

Everything ebbs and flows. Coming and going. Toing and froing.
Honestly life is a moving kaleidoscope of magic.
Nothing good or bad stays the same for any definite period of time. It all gradually moves or changes each second of every day.
Let that be a comfort when things are not going your way. This too shall pass just like everything else you have gotten through in your life.
Let that excite you when things are going fantastic and getting more fantastical by the second.
Remember everything, like the ocean, like the sun and moon rising and setting – comes and goes. Ebbs and flows.
Enjoy the gentle lapping of time changing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Dear Velma 4-10-18

My Darling Velma,

What did you do for yourself today that was purely and solely just for you?

Did you sit with a cup of your favorite tea and a good book for at least a few minutes with no distractions?

Did you spend quiet time in nature to soothe your spirit and soul?

Did you lavish yourself with a bubble bath and lavender candles?

Everyday, you have to find time and space that is for no one other than you. You have to take care of you so that you can continue to do all the caring for others that you do, in a healthy way. 

Don’t neglect yourself, my dearest.

Humming a relaxing tune,

Your Inner Pilot Light