Loving life through all its ups and downs

Love life

Aria-Bella Rises


Loving life through all its ups and downs brings you closer and closer to true enlightenment.

Because love is what makes the universe go round. Your own universe and the wider universe. Anything can be handled with love on your side. Life is ALWAYS going to have ups and downs, that is a guarantee.

It is part of the human experience, to experience everything! One thing, that is also a guarantee…. It doesn’t have to be so hard! Truly, it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you bring love to the table, each and every time… you’ll find that life’s events, won’t throw you around so hard.

That if you come from a space of love, that love will be reflected back to you in what comes your way. Love will bring love to you. It’s not going to stop all the crap from coming to you, but it…

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Dream Yoga

Finding peace through yoga

Mountain Energy Yoga

Dream yoga comes out of Tibetan Buddhism, in which it is thought that we are most asleep in our ordinary life, and most awake during the night, or when sleeping. When we don’t exercise it, the mind can keep us asleep and in a state of suffering; keeping us oblivious to the connection, and peace that is found in awakening to the present moment. Yoga means to unite or yoke, and that is where we stop masking over things with labels, labels like good, bad, like and dislike. With dream yoga you can learn how to wake up in your ordinary life to how illusory the world we live in really is.

Stretching your mind is how it becomes more flexible. It can help you to transform emotions and thoughts that stifle you, freeing you to experience your true potential. With dream yoga you will be learning how to become…

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Just open your heart up wide and go for gold

I choose love.

Aria-Bella Rises


Love is all around, love is what makes the Earth spin round. Love can soothe and love can harm. Love is what you do with no ulterior motives, what ifs or what not. It is loving on anyone, anything and yourself with no hidden agenda or thought to it. Just open that heart up wide and go for gold.

Wow reading that packs quite a punch doesn’t it. Are you loving the right way? Without expectations? It can be easy to get caught up in the buts of our love. But (hehe) there are no buts in true love.

You love regardless. You love with your whole body, mind and soul. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit human and have moments. But it means always stepping back into true love. Love with no ifs, buts or what have yous.

No, I will love you if you do this…

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12 Quotes that will support you in your healing process.

Great post.

Vrunda Chauk

If there’s something I’m proud of doing in 2018, it’s that I was able to heal myself.

Here are some quotes that supported me in my healing process and I hope this will help you go through it with more awareness and kindness –

When you walk away from the source of pain, you start healing.

– Najwa Zebian

Honestly, this should be the first step. The more you distance yourself from the source of pain, the more you can focus on yourself, your pain, your healing.

She’s an explorer, unafraid to travel within her heart and mind, ready to discover new spaces to heal – releasing burdens to planting wisdom wherever her awareness takes her.

– Yung Pueblo

When you start healing, you understand that you need to let go, let go of the thought patterns and behaviours that don’t serve you. You have to keep faith that the…

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