Autumn Air

Love this!!! A new season is coming

Windmills of My Mind

Every person in life is a leaf on a tree

Many are lost with the wind

Many hang on for dear life

A door to a new season is opening

As changes come, so will the leaves change.

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The Journey

Breathe and enjoy the journey

Windmills of My Mind

I am on a journey, death waits at the end.

My soul changes and evolves as my destiny is revealed.

There are things in the world that are older that I know.

You and I come and go but the land endures.

Follow your soul. It knows the way.

Experience and learn everyday.

I breathe, I close my eyes, and let go.

I inhale all the strenght, the power, and the courage I need to be on this journey.

I exhale all the pains, the furstrations, and the sorrows that weigh so heavily on my soul.
I let go, and I move on.

Just breathe, and enjoy the journey.

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Dreeeaam, Dream, Dream (Not The Everley Brothers :-)

Charlie has the right idea! Dream your dream and go for it.

Charliecountryboy's Blog

Who really knows what is best for you, who is your best friend? Advice is great, but isn’t it a ‘cop out?’ If you take someone’s advice and it all goes wrong then it’s not your fault is it? How many times have you heard the statement, ‘If it wasn’t for you, him or her, I could have…….?’ My students often ask me how they should do something instead of trying to figure it out for themselves, even to the extent of asking what page something is on in a text book. I ask them if they have ever heard of an index? The anticipation of failing is much worse than actually failing, trust me, I’ve failed a lot 🙂 When I was fifteen I was told I couldn’t be a motor mechanic because I didn’t have my CSE’s so they stuck me in a factory, one year later I…

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I Cannot Get This One Vision Out of My Head…

I will never forget either.

Dream Big, Dream Often


I Cannot Get This One Vision Out of My Head…

The 9/11 remembrance ceremonies always make me cry.   I always feel those same emotions I felt back on that Tuesday morning way back when.

There is this thought that has always stuck with me and it is the idea that the first responders were running up the stairs of that building while citizens were running as fast as they could away from the danger.  I that moment when they should have been following their survival instinct they did the exact opposite and ran to help.

And most of them were climbing the stairs to their inevitable death.  They didn’t know they were going to die, but I suspect many of them sensed this event was different and the level of danger must have felt different.

As they climbed the stairs, many on the floors above the impact zone were jumping…

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Dream Big, Dream Often


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It Really Is All About Your Attitude #AttitudeDancing

Inspirational. I Laurie can do it so can I.

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I am going to go out on that limb I never wanted to climb on that avocado tree in my aunt and uncle’s front yard in Pico Rivera in Southern California. I was always so envious of the boys that would just keep climbing higher. What held me back?

But just last night I realized I was the one that climbed far higher in life. So, why am I still questioning that? Not that I surpassed them job-wise. Heck, those boys were my brothers and my cousins. They all, every single one of them, had or still have amazing success in their lives. I don’t want to diss their success, but damnit us women must speak out these days, women from both sides of the aisle I might add….

So, I have been in the lousiest of moods the past weeks (okay, really the past few months) and this weekend…

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