You Got This!

Great words of encouragement. Monday I have an infusion and appt with my oncologist. Friday I’m having a test to find where a blockage is in my stomach and in the coming weeks I’m presenting a settlement offer to a family member who stole everything from my family and I. Things don’t look easy but like the message “the only way through this is going through this”. Great blog

Aria-Bella Rises


You’ve totally got this!
There is no other option but through.
Through with grace and ease.
You have sooooo got this. You wouldn’t have been given and chosen this life if up above wasn’t sure you could handle it.
Anytime you have something to get through, just keep telling yourself ” The only way is through, the only way is through. And I do it easily”
Yes there is going to be challenges, yes there’s going to be out of this world amazeball moments you wish you could hold onto to. But the beauty of life is going through the highs and lows so you can learn to appreciate everything.
Be kinda boring if everything was the same day in and day out.
So remember through it all. YOU’VE GOT THIS
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Alive To Face Another Day

Great reminder

Aria-Bella Rises


Wake up this morning and every morning and say
“I am alive, what a fantastic day to be alive. I am going to make it a blissfull day”
You are alive to face another day – woohoo!! That alone is a celebration! So let’s act like this each and every day.
Who can put their hand up to wanting to hit snooze several times, to moaning and groaning in your pillow that getting up sucks and grumbly you have to do this and that today?
And remember a time when you leapt out of bed even before the alarm got to ring, all excited for what was coming?
Which one made you feel better?
Wherever we put our energy, grows so why not make it a great start to the day and affirm before you are even out of bed what a mighty spectacular day you are going to have.

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Nothing Lasts

Perfect for what’s going on in my life today

Aria-Bella Rises


Nothing lasts.

Everything ebbs and flows. Coming and going. Toing and froing.
Honestly life is a moving kaleidoscope of magic.
Nothing good or bad stays the same for any definite period of time. It all gradually moves or changes each second of every day.
Let that be a comfort when things are not going your way. This too shall pass just like everything else you have gotten through in your life.
Let that excite you when things are going fantastic and getting more fantastical by the second.
Remember everything, like the ocean, like the sun and moon rising and setting – comes and goes. Ebbs and flows.
Enjoy the gentle lapping of time changing.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Dear Velma 4-10-18

My Darling Velma,

What did you do for yourself today that was purely and solely just for you?

Did you sit with a cup of your favorite tea and a good book for at least a few minutes with no distractions?

Did you spend quiet time in nature to soothe your spirit and soul?

Did you lavish yourself with a bubble bath and lavender candles?

Everyday, you have to find time and space that is for no one other than you. You have to take care of you so that you can continue to do all the caring for others that you do, in a healthy way. 

Don’t neglect yourself, my dearest.

Humming a relaxing tune,

Your Inner Pilot Light


Obtaining Peace

Great advice

Aria-Bella Rises


Peace is always obtainable. Peace is deep within. All you need to do is bring it to the surface.
Phew imagine knowing that at any time you needed it – peace was there for the taking, easily I may add.
Here’s the thing – it actually is! While meditation and grounding is amazing, you don’t even need those tools to feel this peace.
It has always been a part of you. In some it may be hidden waaaay deep down inside but it is still accessible to you if you want it.
Now the Angels can help if you need it, just ask for a little helping hand. But really all you need to do is allow your well of peace to come up and cover you in it’s peaceful beauty.
Close your eyes, place your hands wherever you like – on your heart or belly and imagine that peace…

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Time to Rise

Agreed. It’s time to rise

Aria-Bella Rises

Time to rise. Time to rise. Time to let those excuses fall down and rise.
Sometimes the Angels can be ballbusters. Only because we shed the true light on situations you don’t always want to see.
If you want to rise… DO so! No more but this and that and hey this and also that. They are seriously all just excuses. They may seem totally valid to you, but honestly if you truly wanted to rise  – not of that matters.
You would find a way, dig a hole and crael your way to the surface.
So today – truly rise and let the excuses fall down.
You’ve totally got this.
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Personal Perfection 4-3-18

Do you know what your quest for personal perfection is doing to you? Besides being an unattainable peak, it slowly over time robs you of your joy.

The very notion that you think you need to be perfect is itself a thinking error. It is a statement that who you are now at this moment is not enough, and so you must strive to be better.

This is a lie! People don’t love you because you’re perfect. They love you because you’re inherently lovable.

You’ve given yourself a set of rules and instructions that say you can’t be happy or successful or worthy until you’ve reached this perfection. But doesn’t it always seem that no matter how hard you try to reach it, you’re never any closer? Doesn’t that tell you something?

Perfection is like a shimmering mirage in a vast desert wasteland. No matter how far you go, it’ll always be just over the next sand dune.

Don’t go down the dark road of perfection, when the truth is in the light, and the truth is that every moment of every day, you are worthy and precious and ENOUGH.

Feed your parched soul from the endless well of “ME” and leave behind the desert wasteland of perfection. – Your Inner Pilot Light