My Journey To The Other Side of Grief #GriefIsLife

This is a great blog about grief. For he it took six years to heal from the loss of my dad. I’m on the mend and like Laurie, I’m
A much better person for it.

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Looking back, two and half years later, I find myself in a life I did not expect and yet a life that I now embrace fully. I really thought I would grow old with Paul, doing daily activities together. It’s sort of me and my dog, Zeke, now. I have learned to say yes to more invites, to try new recipes and invite friends for dinner to taste test, to branch out and travel more.

This path did not find its way easily.

They say that grief is the most important and yet the most difficult experience we have in life. In the beginning, it is all you can think of. You go to bed crying, you wake up crying. You turn a corner of sadness only to bet met with sadness around the bend. I recall a dear friend telling me that it takes a full year to recover…

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We All Need Transformation— Like Saul Changed to Paul

I love this. I don’t appreciate being judged therefor I make it a practice not to judge anyone. Great reminder!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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We all need transformation…
like Saul changed to Paul…
for we are all sinners…
and from God’s graces fall.
For we are not God…
and should not judge others…
but are to be more “Christ-like”…
loving all sisters and brothers.

Now this is not easy…
as the world is today…
with the violence and turmoil…
and increasing evil seen each day.

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The Field

This iS awesome!


Life is like walking barefooted across a field. Wild flowers spread out across the field in front of us, some in the sunshine and those under the tree. Each flower we come across is a different experience, a person we meet, a moment in time.

Each flower is a lesson, a message from the divine, a memory coming to the surface. We cannot possibly experience each and every flower, there are too many to encounter, some will be here next time we cross. 

Make the most of each flower you see on your way across the field, look closely at it, see how it shimmers in the sun, listen to it but do not pick it. As you reach the other side, take a deep breath, hold onto what you have learnt, it may be a while before you cross again.

~ Liza



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Cool, Calm, Collected 5-21-17

Do you ever have one of those days when you think “I need to start over?”  Today has been one of those days. 

Like every morning I woke up ready and willing to take on the challenge of another day in the paradise as I know it. I got a great nights rest. In fact, I was so exhausted yesterday I was asleep by 9:00. This morning, I woke to the chirping of the birds outside. I felt like Snow White. I was chipper and as happy as a bug!! 

I said my prayers like every morning, even praying for a miracle. I have to say, I was feeling very confident, that is, until I walked outside. 

I was heading out for my morning walk. I looked at my car and thought “really God! This is the miracle you’re bringing me?!”  My car had a flat tire!! For beginners, I have no idea how to put air in a tire, let alone change a flat. I stood there looking at that flat tire. There were many thoughts racing around in this head of mine. “Where’s the bike pump?!” “I’m sure I can air up this tire with a bike pump?”  “I think I can. I know I can?”  “Maybe I’ll call my nephew Lane!”  “Yeah, that’s it! I’ll call Lane and he will air up this tire for Aunt Velma!”  

Finally, I thought to myself…..”I’m not going to let it bother me tonight!”  

I decided I’d deal with it later. After my walk my brother stopped by. While we were visiting I realized I had forgotten to take my medication. I grabbed my pill bottle. Again “really God?!”  I was out of my meds. I quickly called the pharmacy and asked for a refill. I told my brother about my flat tire and he eased my mind and said he would have it fixed tomorrow. Whew!! What a relief. He then offered to let me borrow one of his company trucks in the interim. I was so grateful. 

We drove to his house and lucky me!!  My brother let me borrow his King Ranch Diesel Ford pickup. This thing is so big I needed a step ladder to get in it. For those of you who know me, I’m 5′ 3 1/2″. I weigh 115 lbs on a good day and 110 lbs on a bad day. I certainly don’t belong in a monster truck like this!! You know what they say…”beggars can’t be choosers”

I hopped, or shall I say, I leaped in that truck and drove away. I’m not going to lie. Driving that big ol’ truck was rather terrifying. My hands were glued to the steering wheel. I was sitting so high above the ground I felt like I was driving one of those tour busses you see in the city. In fact, I kept looking around waiting to see Burt Bacharach playing the piano like in the movie Austin Powers. Now that would’ve been a miracle…. But No!

I drove to the pharmacy which is located 16 miles away. I was sweating bullets hoping no one pulled out in front of me because I was of the mindset “I don’t care what’s coming, because I’m going!” However, that’s when it happened. The miracle. A sense of peace came over me and before I knew it, I was not terrified anymore. In fact, I found myself “Cool, Calm and Collected!”  

The truth is, I felt pretty darn invincible in that mean machine. It had a rocking sound system in it and it took me from A to B. That my friends was a miracle!!  I’m home now. Reflecting. I will admit, I had fun driving that big rig today but I’m not a truck kind of girl. I’m more the sports car type. So while today has been interesting and I’m very grateful, after tomorrow I’ll stick with what’s true for me. My own car. 

Winning It All 5-21-17

I read a blog today titled “Write Your Own Song”. It was so inspirational and true to my beliefs, I felt the need to share it. I would highly encourage you to read it. 

I love to walk in the mornings. I love the outdoors. Being outdoors, breathing in the air, soaking in the sunshine is so healing for me. I especially love walks on the beach. The sound of the ocean is music to my ears. I love it. I listen to music on my walks while I reflect and pray. It’s my personal “me” time. Whether I’m outside or at the gym, music is my lifeline. My escape. I was listening to one of my favorite 80’s band this morning. For those of you that remember The Outfield, you can relate when I say, their music is still awesome as  today as it was all those years ago.  

I love all of The Outfield songs, and there are many,  however, the song “Winning It All” holds a place in my heart. It was the song I listened to while going through a very tumultuous divorce many years ago. Somehow the song gave me the strength to fight until I reached the finish line. It reminded me every day that despite the name calling or even the stress of a failed marriage and a divorce, I was a winner!  I made it to the finish line. I didn’t get everything I wanted but I still felt like a winner. Why? Because I not only survived a year long divorce….I made it and I crossed the finish line.  

I hadn’t heard this song in a very long time. Years I suppose but it popped up on my playlist. Immidiately I resonated with the lyrics. In fact, the song couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. A reminder that despite the challenges I have endured up until now, I’m not only a winner but I have no intentions of giving up until victory is won!!  It reminded me of that overwhelming feeling I get the moment I conquer any challenge I’ve faced throughout my life. 

As I listened to the song, it occurred to me this song could be related to anything we face in life. Whether we are going through a divorce, custody dispute, overcoming addictions and or an eating disorder and even when we are fighting cancer, if we give it everything we’ve got and never give up, eventually we conquer that battle and achieve victory. 

Cancer is for winners. Divorce is for winners. Job loss, financial challenges, addictions…the list goes on. All are for winners. It’s the winners who have the strength to never give up. As I thought about this I found myself meditating on a vision. I was at the bottom of a pit but I was climbing my way out. When I got to the top I couldn’t pull myself up. Finally,  I saw a hand. It was God’s hand. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of that dark pit. I could see the finish line. I started running towards it. I made it. 

I’m sharing this because today you might find yourself feeling hopeless. Like me, the finish line seems so far away but I’d like to encourage you not to give up. I know I’m not giving up. If I can keep going, so can you. So today in the words of The Outfield:

“Winning it all! Ain’t gonna walk away. Giving it all. No matter what you say. Ain’t gonna fall. Don’t want to lose today.” I hope you will feel the same. Remember….”no one remembers a loser and I don’t intend to be one”. So join me today and keep fighting the fight and together we will be “Winning It All!” 

Winning doesn’t always mean we get everything we want. It simply means we persevered with determination until we crossed the finish line. All things have an end. Even trials in life. It’s the journey to the finish line along with our perseverance,  determination and the lessons we learn along the way that make us all winners. 

Danny’s Thought: Write Your Own Song

Dream Big, Dream Often

Music is funny to me. You would think after all the songs produced that humans would have run out of tunes and lyrics. Or that we would be reproducing the same music scores. But musicians continue to pump out new ideas; original ideas. It reminds me of life.

Danny's iphone 022Just as music seems to have infinite possibilities, so does your life. Don’t let people tell you how you need to live life to reach your goals and dreams. It is up to you to write the score for your life; to find the rhythm which works for you. And only you can determine the notes.

Too many of us are trying to sing our own song, but doing it to the beat of someone else’s tune. I don’t see this ever working. You have to come up with the tunes and the words. Write your own song.

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The Perfect Kiss 5-20-17

The Perfect Kiss by Velma Perez Dunkin
What is the Perfect Kiss? In life, we are always searching for our idea of what the Perfect Kiss should be.  I’m 51 years old and I have to admit I’ve experienced many kisses in my lifetime. However, if you ask me the best Kiss I’ve ever received are the salty, wet, kisses I received from my kids when they were young and now the kisses from my beautiful grandchildren. You know the ones? The kisses filled with drool and boogars. The kisses covered in crumbs or at times covered in dirt from playing outside. Mmmmm Delicious!!! Now in my opinion, those are the perfect kisses. The kisses that are short lived but are in our hearts and memories for a lifetime. Those my friends, are the Perfect Kiss. Cherish them. 
So today if you’re looking for the Perfect Kiss, Kiss your child, grandchild, nieces and or nephews. If you’re like me, the minute you do, you will know that finally…. you have experienced the Perfect and Most Delicious Kiss.