Diving Deep Into The Unknown

I am guilty of putting so many things off. My excuse fear. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of moving beyond this bubble I’ve found myself in for 7 years. I have now begun taking steps to do what I need to do. I love this blog. I love Aria Bella. Always an inspiration

Aria-Bella Rises


What can you start today that you’ve been putting off.

Learn to dive deep into the unknown.

Sometimes it is necessary to stew on an idea, thought or act to see if it is truly the right thing to do and it may be the way you are wired to makes decisions. But when you start stewing for weeks on end, procrastinating and umming and ahhing – that is when you need to really stop and listen to what your body and soul are trying to say to you and just for it, or not as the case may be.

Sometimes when we put off things – it is because really we know they are not the best way forward for us. So we put it off, rather than make the decisions we need to because it is easier that way.

Though sometimes we put off these things because they…

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