Day 5 – Take Action

This is a great reminder for me. It’s time for me to surrender the things that have held me hostage for 7 years. I have no control today nor have I had control the past 7 years

Principle Michelle

This morning I woke up at 4:00, prayed, made coffee, and returned to my upstairs office to do a little writing. What I noticed as I walked back up was that I felt good — I mean really good. I was standing upright — not slumped over. I wasn’t winded after going up and down that flight of stairs a few times. This is what it must feel like to be free, unencumbered, alive. I put both hands in the air and stretched — extending my hands as high as I could and gave God a high five for giving me my daily bread. What a privilege it is to serve as his hands and feet.

Life would be so easy if all we had to do was what we wanted to do. Fortunately, we get to do so much more, but it’s not easy. Changing and growing as a…

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