Leaders Who Linger

Great words of wisdom. Are you a true leader?

Principle Michelle

Are you a leader who lingers? You know the type — she says good morning and waits for you to reciprocate — hoping to take hold of that split second encounter to make your day a little brighter. Perhaps she asks how you’re doing each day and waits to hear your response. Maybe she doesn’t say much at all, but she shows up when you need her most — to advise or simply to listen.

Leaders who linger stick around after faculty meetings, mingle at the office mixer, take pictures at the baby shower, and wait with you when your car breaks down. Leaders who linger eat lunch when you do, tell great stories, laugh at your jokes, and comfort you when you’re hurting. They know your story, your kids’ names, and what makes you smile.

Lingering is sometimes seen as a negative thing, but consider the alternative when thinking…

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