Angels Among Us 6-10-17

I heard this song by Alabama this morning. I’m not a huge fan of country music however, this song is worth listening to. I am so blessed to have many angels in my life. Angels who have stood by my side. Angels who have picked me up as I’ve been knocked down many, many times these past few years. Angels who have appeared out of nowhere to pray with me, encourage me and believe in me. My heart is filled with so much gratitude. 
As I listened to this song I thought of all the angels in my life. However, there are three angels that really stood out. Not because of anything they did for me but for how they’ve touched my life. Oliver and Audrey, my two grandchildren, are the sweet little angels that healed my aching heart. There’s nothing more incredible than the joy these kids bring to my heart. Even on the most challenging days, and believe me I have many, one kiss from Audrey and Oliver and nothing else matters. My heart feels nothing but love. 

Then there’s James. James is the homeless man I became friends with in San Francisco. His story touched me in a way I can’t put in to words. Besides being homeless, he was fighting bone cancer. James and I prayed often. I even gave him my beloved St Jude necklace. In my opinion, he was an angel. He opened my heart to being compassionate towards those in need. I think of him often and wonder if we will ever cross paths again. I hope and pray he made it. I still cry when I think of him. 

We all have angels in our lives. I would like to encourage everyone reading this post to take some time today and recognize the angels in your own life. For me I would just like to thank mine and send them blessings filled with pure light and love. 


St Jude 12-25-15

Today I received an awesome surprise. It’s no secret I’m Catholic and am a strong believer in the intercession of the Saints. St Jude is my go to Saint always. The Saint for impossible/hopeless  cases. 

Last year I met a homeless man named James. We became friends. I wrote about James on one of my blogs. I met James last year around thanksgiving time in front of the Safeway downstairs where I was living in San Francisco. James was fighting bone cancer. My heart went out to him. He was so nice and in so much pain. One day I went downstairs. James was at his usual spot. He was very sick that day.  He was recovering from one of his chemo treatments. He broke my heart. I sat down w James that day and together we prayed. I was wearing my beautiful, silver and gold St Jude necklace that meant so much to me. He was so hopeless that day and in so much pain, I took off my necklace and gave it to him. He needed hope more than I did.  I told James that my prayer was that St Jude would intercede for him praying  he would be healed and I prayed the lord would bless him w abundance and w a place to call home. He was so touched. He began to cry and asked me to put the necklace on him so I did. I cried so much that day when I got home. James’ pain and suffering broke my heart. 

I ran in to James on many occasions after that and every time I did he would hug me and tell me he wore his necklace every day. He would tell me he’d never forget me. It was our connection. 
I think of James often hoping and praying he’s well. I also pray I’m able to see him again some day and he will have been blessed with the miracle I’ve prayed so much to happen for him. I thought of James the other day and I even thought of my necklace. I wondered how he was and found myself praying for him. 

Today I opened my gift from my brother and Mari. Inside a beautiful,  black,  velvet satchel was a beautiful bracelet w a cross on top with an inscription all in Latin but even more special was a St Jude necklace. I haven’t wore one since that day I gave mine to James. I haven’t been able to bring myself to replace it. I was so touched by this very special and unexpected gift. It came at a time when I needed hope and guidance the most. I have no idea what prompted Mari and my brother to surprise me with this very special gift but my prayer is that good days are ahead. I also pray it’s St Jude’s way of sending me a sign that not only are things going to be ok with me but all will be ok with my dear friend James. He’s praying for us!!

Wherever my friend James is today, I’m sending him a message.  “I think of you often and I hope you’re ok. Merry Christmas my friend…..until we meet again”.