It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

Great advice!

Dream Big, Dream Often

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I believe it is important to take stock in how one acts.  It is easy to continue on as you have always done, oblivious to how it impacts those around you.  Some will even justify their actions with statements like “that’s just the way I am”.

For me, that is not good enough and I expect more of myself than that.

The wise person doesn’t continue on as they always have.  The wise person evaluates their actions and changes when they realize they need to change.

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I’ve Been Thinking 7-16-17

This was written by Maria Shriver. I copied it from her Sunday paper morning email.  Maria is such an inspiring woman to me. Her mother was even more inspiring. This is what Maria wrote this morning. Wow!  I was so touched because I want to be the woman seen as “A Lot”. Her mother was a force to be reckoned with, however she moved mountains and made a huge impact on the lives of many throughout the world. That’s what I want to do. As women we have the strength to do anything!!


Every week here at The Sunday Paper, we try to get above the noise of the week and offer positive perspectives to get you thinking, dreaming and talking about something you may not have considered before.

To that end, this issue is dedicated to awesome and inspiring Great Dames. No, not great danes. 🙂 Great DAMES. Yes, Dames.


I wanted to write about Dames this week because my mother—one helluva Dame herself—was honored at ESPN’s ESPY Awards Wednesday night for her relentless work on behalf of those with intellectual disabilities. (Great Dame Michelle Obama presented the award.)

What a night it was. I was moved, motivated, inspired, deeply touched, and prouder than a peacock. I was proud that my mother got the recognition she deserved, and proud that she worked her whole life pushing boundaries right through and into her 80s.

I remember her telling me when she was 85 or so, “You know, Maria, there is no excuse not to work nonstop until you are at least 80.”

“At 80,” she said, “I had some issues here and there (lol, that’s an understatement, but she continued), but I didn’t give in. I just kept working. There is so much to do.”

My mother didn’t understand retirement. She didn’t understand slowing down to smell the roses. It just wasn’t her forte.

Changing the world was her forte. Her approach to life and work made me think about how many other Great Dames there are out there who are still breaking boundaries and changing perceptions about women, longevity and relevance. (Of course, there are plenty of men who are doing the same, but I’ll feature them in another issue. I have several to write about, so no worries.)

I call my mom a Dame ‘cause she wasn’t your average lady or woman. Trust me, I was very aware of this at a very early age. 

She smoked cigars. She wore pants. She hung out with men. She played football. She tried to dunk you in water polo well into her 80s. She was a first class sailor, no matter the weather. She was just a first-class competitor in every way. There wasn’t a sport she didn’t try to master. There wasn’t a man she didn’t try to beat (or a kid for that matter, this one included).

She rarely wore makeup, rarely brushed her hair, never went shopping and never, ever got a filler or a facial. But, when she walked into a room—any room—every eye was on her.

Why? Because she was an original. The real deal.

My mother was wicked smart, fun, challenging, and fearless. She was intimidating, for sure, but she was authentically herself. In today’s world, you would call her fierce. A force of nature. People often remarked that she was “a lot.”
The women in this issue of The Sunday Paper are cut from the same cloth and the same mold as my mother (although they brush their hair, wear beautiful clothes, etc.).

They are all still at it. They own the room when they walk in. They are personally inspiring to me because age doesn’t slow them down.

Which brings me back to my mother. This past weekend, I was at a friend’s wedding and got to talking to a gentleman who wanted to offer some “helpful” advice to me as to how I might improve my social life. He mentioned that I hang around my kids and their friends a lot, and speculated that that, and my work, might be intimidating to some people.

Then he said to me (or his vodka said to me…vodka usually speaks truth, in case you’re wondering): “You know, Maria, you are still very attractive (gee, thanks), you’re intellectually dynamic, but let’s be honest…you’re a lot.”

I wanted to argue with him, but then I stopped myself because I instantly thought of my mother, who everyone said was “a lot.” I also remembered a friend telling me about a wedding he went to where the mother of the bride stood up and toasted her new son-in-law, saying that her daughter was “a lot,” just like her, and that only really extraordinary men and people could handle those who were forces of nature. She then raised her glass to her new son-in-law, her own husband and to all of those secure enough to be in partnership with forces of nature.

So, this Sunday Paper is dedicated to all those who are proud enough to own that moniker, and to all those who accept that force as it is and let it rip. Just like my father let my mother roar. He knew a force of nature when he saw it, and how proud he was to be the one to celebrate it.

Just like I’m proud to celebrate all the forces of nature highlighted here, a.k.a. Architects of Change. 

So, the next time someone is brave enough to call you a force of nature, or says “you’re a lot,” remember my mother. Remember her fight on behalf of those with special needs.

Remember that everyone said those with intellectual disabilities couldn’t compete, couldn’t go to school, couldn’t hold down a job, couldn’t marry, couldn’t live at home, couldn’t speak, couldn’t dream, couldn’t be included, couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t…
Remember this truth. She proved everyone wrong, she did things her way, and she embraced the force within and changed the world outside.

Be a force, ‘cause that’s what it takes to change the world.

P.S. And don’t worry if you forget to brush your hair or if you hang out a lot with your kids. Just blame it on the vodka! And, if you want to see a force of nature in action, watch the video of my mother’s ESPY award below.

Finding my Moxie

This is awesome. I too have finally found my moxie and I’m happy to say, it feels good!!


I’ve reached a place in time that’s right,

I’ve found myself at long last.

A place I speak up for what I believe in,

didn’t always do it in the past.

Took an age for me to find my moxie,

to not to keep it all under a lid.

To only agree with what society said,

would you believe I once did.

Now I’m as bold as brass, determined too,

I won’t take anyones shit.

If Moxie is what you call it now days,

I’ll wear the cap and say it fits.

I’m determined to get my point across,

I barge my way to the front.

But I’m eloquent with the words I use,

I do my best not to confront.




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The Waiting 7-15-17

I thought I’d share this TomPetty tune as the song for today. In life, we are always waiting for something. Whether it be for money, a job, our life to change…its a constant. However, waiting is always a constant. In the end everything always works out but it’s the waiting that’s the hardest part. If we take it on faith and take another yard, we are one step closer to receiving whatever it is we are waiting for. 

Don’t Wish, Just Act

Take action!!

The Waas Blog

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Don’t Wish, Just Act

You can pray for a better life, read books for a better life, or even watch videos for a better life. But until you change your ACTIONS towards a better life, everything will remain the same.

Law of attraction and manifestation does exist, it’s real. The secret is action. The Latin root of manifest is “mani” meaning hands. If you want to manifest a better life, only you can change that. The power is in your hands….Now go act on it!

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Blaming Others 7-14-17

Blaming OthersBY MADISYN TAYLOR The Daily OM

We cannot insist that someone else take responsibility for their actions; only they can make that choice when they are ready.
As we begin to truly understand that the world outside of us is a reflection of the world inside of us, we may feel confused about who is to blame for the problems in our lives. If we had a difficult childhood, we may wonder how we can take responsibility for that, and in our current relationships, the same question arises. We all know that blaming others is the opposite of taking responsibility, but we may not understand how to take responsibility for things that we don’t truly feel responsible for. We may blame our parents for our low self-esteem, and we may blame our current partner for exacerbating it with their unconscious behavior. Objectively, this seems to make sense. After all, it is not our fault if our parents were irresponsible or unkind, and we are not to blame for our partner’s bad behavior. 

Perhaps the problem lies with the activity of blaming. Whether we blame others or blame ourselves, there is something aggressive and unkind about it. It sets up a situation in which it becomes difficult to move forward under the burdensome feelings of shame and guilt that arise. It also puts the resolution of our pain in the hands of someone other than us. Ultimately, we cannot insist that someone else take responsibility for their actions; only they can make that choice when they are ready. In the meantime, if we want to move forward with our lives instead of waiting around for something that may or may not happen, we begin to see the wisdom of taking the situation into our own hands. 

We do this by forgiving our parents, even if they have not asked for our forgiveness, so that we can be free. We end the abusive relationship with our partner, who may never admit to any wrongdoing, because we are willing to take responsibility for how we are treated. In short, we love ourselves as we want to be loved and create the life we know we deserve. We leave the resolution of the wrongs committed against us in the hands of the universe, releasing ourselves to live a life free of blame.

Top 5 PR Tips that WORK (from one of journalism’s finest)

Great advice!

As entrepreneurs, everyone wants exposure for their business. Why? Because good exposure positively increases brand awareness. PR is a great way to do that “for free” so to speak – unlike traditional advertising which costs (print, digital, outdoor advertising on billboards, radio and TV commercials, etc.). Note: PR technically isn’t always “free” as many of you have discovered. If you end up engaging a PR agency to help you get exposure, that definitely costs a pretty penny. Not that it’s not worth it! But the issue is that most entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to hire a PR agency out of the gate. Not even two to three or even five years into the business. So how do we get exposure before that? As with everything entrepreneur-related, we have to learn how to do it ourselves.

We want everyone to know who we are and what we do. PR is…

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