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Yup I can relate

Reiki Master Jacqueline Burke

Every now and then, we may find ourselves in a bit of a rut; easily depressed and possibly stressed out. It happens and if we let it, the rut gets deeper and deeper until we cannot breathe. Yikes! Just typing those two sentences, gave me the sensation of choking! Who needs that? I know I […]

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Do you really think if you don’t love yourself, no one else will love you?

I’m sharing this because this happened to me. There are many women out there who will read this and say “me too!” It’s important for all of us to stand together, support one another and share our story

Vrunda Chauk

I have heard this a lot! ‘If you don’t love yourself, no one else will’.


I was with a narcissist. And that was the time when my self esteem was so low that even if he treated me like shit, I thought I deserved it and didn’t oppose much.

Then came a time when I didn’t love myself at all. I had no confidence, I felt like it’s always my fault – I mess up with everything, I could never be as amazing and as attractive as others are, I would never be successful, I can’t do anything.

I was critising myself every single time. I didn’t like myself the way I was. I could note down at least 100 things I wanted to change in me.

That was tough.

And stressful.

I didn’t love myself.

And now when I look back, I noticed a few things –


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I have been suffocating but I continue to move forward. I love this.

Windmills of My Mind

Diana you have intrigued me:
Darkness was all around me as I stepped forward into an unknown path.

My shadow followed my footsteps with the moon on my back and the irie feeling that I was not alone in this abandoned city.

The moon was my companion and it’s glow my salvation.

My imagination was working fast into a chaotic exchange with dark toughts of being followed.

Why was I dropped here?

Who did this to me?

All I remember is the light into the portal and a hand pushing me through.

My heart is beating at a rate of suffocation, yet, I continue forward to wherever I am directed and know that the spirit in me will keep me safe into the unknown…

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Too Young to Die (2 of 3)

I’m sharing this blog because if your not following Charlie I suggest you do. He has a great life and is a great blogger. Follow him if you’re not already!!!

Charliecountryboy's Blog

The Spanish called us ‘Pesca Submarina’ – underwater fishermen. The name carried respect and we were proud of the kudos. We were treated well and so considered ourselves honoured and tried to live honourably when in their company. But after ten minutes in a raging sea, fear dispelled pride. I recalled his final words as we entered from the harbour wall. ‘Stay with me!’ The fuckity, fuck I felt earlier was nothing compared to what I felt now. I finned a metre out of the water and realised he was no where to be seen so I began to fish. Over weighted by the lead we sank quickly, solitary dark shapes gliding down through the gloom. On the sea bed you lay still, waiting for the curiosity of the fish to take over and hoping your lungs would last out the time. That was on a calm day…

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