Time to rise

Time to rise!!

Aria-Bella Rises


Time to rise. Time to rise.
Time to let those excuses fall down and rise.
Sometimes the Angels can be ballbusters. Only because we shed the true light on situations you don’t always want to see.
If you want to rise… DO so! No more but this and that and hey this and also that. They are seriously all just excuses. They may seem totally valid to you, but honestly if you truly wanted to rise – none of that matters.
You would find a way, dig a hole and crawl your way to the surface.
So today – truly rise and let the excuses fall down.
Don’t dwell on them, wallow in them. Just choose to RISE!
Is it that simple?
Actually yeah it can be, when you choose it to be.
And if you need help?
Reach out and…

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Go and find yourself a flower today

Finding myself a flower today

Aria-Bella Rises


Go and find yourself a flower today.
Sniff the beautiful aroma. See all the magical colours that makes up the beauty. See the imperfections that are truly perfect.
You would never see a flower and think it was terrible, or not pretty enough or not colourful enough. You see the beauty in it, even if it wasn’t one of your faves…. right??
So why do you see yourself as anything less than perfect? You are just the human equivalent of that flower… just saying!
But back to the actual flower….
Immerse yourself in a flower today.
Take a big sniff and take in that gorgeous aroma.
Look at the colour, the pattern, the leaves and see the absolute beauty in it.
Notice the texture and difference between each flower.
How the sun hits a spot, or the wind gently ruffles and moves…

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Choose the sunshine

I choose sunshine

Aria-Bella Rises


Sunshine and roses, storms and sad faces… if you have the sunshine inside of you – none of this will matter as it will be easy to find the sunshine and roses in any state.
We need everything, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, in our life. It’s how we can tell the difference between those states.
You simply cannot have one without the other.
What you can have though, is an unlimited amount of sunshine and roses in your life – so that when the storms and sadness come to visit, we can get out of that state much quicker.
It’s important we feel everything.
Don’t push aside the not so pleasant, just because you don’t want to deal, it will only end up worse for you in the long run.
But that’s not to say you have…

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Interlude in Puerto Vallarta

This blog is too good not to share. I love Charlie’s sense of humor!! I have to say I’ve always been thankful my kids were allergic to horses because I can’t imagine myself on a horse. After reading Charlie’s blog I’m missing out on the adventure. I’ve said it before, if you’re not following Charlie, you should. He’s awesome!!

Charliecountryboy's Blog

Five hundred feet below me the rocks of the Sierra Madre mountains appeared unforgiving, the guide called out, ‘It’s okay the horse knows where it’s going.’ I decided to leave my fate in the hands of a Mexican pony and sat back in the saddle. Eventually we came to a clearing by a stream and there was a picnic.  Many hours later, with buttocks safely back in the bar, I finally realised why cowboys walk the way they do .

Later that evening we found a seat in the bar and I made yet another discovery; cowboys stand at the bar in saloons. This bar had a TV I’m not a fan of TV’s in bars, it was stage right so we sat stage left.  I say sat;  I tried perching on my hip, but this made me look like male model with hemorrhoids; at least here I could see the…

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