Intuitive Astrology Forecast for February 2019

Here’s to February and new beginnings

In a Love World

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Love is all around you if you open your heart to it.

I choose love

Aria-Bella Rises


Love is all around you if you open your heart to it.

Learn to see it in every little experience. Just like we can choose to see the good or the bad, the positive or the negative… we can choose to see love in everything.

Whether it be happening to you, someone else or the world at large… you can choose to see love in everything. If you struggle to see it, affirm to yourself that you want to see the love, the light in everything. And consciously choose to find it.

Especially in the stuff you might take a different thought on, try to see the love in the situation. Nothing is ever as cut and dried as we think.

Let your heart lead the way. It won’t guide you wrong. The beauty of this, by seeing love in everything, we attract that pure love into our lives because…

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It is time to take action today!

I’m so ready to jump

Aria-Bella Rises


Jump up and at them today. So many possibilities are awaiting you.

Are you going to reach out and grab them? Well are you??

It is time to take action today!

No matter how big or small that step is! I’m sure there’s been some repeating signs for you that you just haven’t jumped on to actually do anything about? Am I right?

So today… get to it! It can be as simple as putting it out there what you want/are thinking and asking for an external response to go forward.

It could be jumping on those offers you’ve kinda noticed but have kinda ignored too. It could be anything! The whole point here, is to do something with it today!

Even if it is simply saying YES to your own thoughts and plans. If we truly opened our eyes to all that is around us. The possibilities would be…

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Loving life through all its ups and downs

Love life

Aria-Bella Rises


Loving life through all its ups and downs brings you closer and closer to true enlightenment.

Because love is what makes the universe go round. Your own universe and the wider universe. Anything can be handled with love on your side. Life is ALWAYS going to have ups and downs, that is a guarantee.

It is part of the human experience, to experience everything! One thing, that is also a guarantee…. It doesn’t have to be so hard! Truly, it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you bring love to the table, each and every time… you’ll find that life’s events, won’t throw you around so hard.

That if you come from a space of love, that love will be reflected back to you in what comes your way. Love will bring love to you. It’s not going to stop all the crap from coming to you, but it…

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