Ya Mo B There 3-6-21

I went for my first walk in months this morning. It was chilly but absolutely beautiful. On my playlist was Michael McDonald. I love all of his music including his songs when he was with The Doobie Brothers.

As I listened to the lyrics of “Ya Mo Be There” I found a sense of comfort knowing that no matter what I’m going through right now I have a “Higher Power” that will always be there. Sometimes I don’t feel that way but today as I listened to Michael belt out this tune, I had a sense of comfort. Who knows, maybe it was just being outside with a blue sky above me surrounded by hills still covered in snow.

I’m sure many people don’t realize what the meaning of “Ya Mo B There” means or even understand the true meaning of the lyrics.

The actual spelling of the song title is Yah Mo B There. Yah is a shortened version of Yahweh, which means God in Hebrew. So the title literally means “God will be there” and is interpreted as “God be with you.”

Ingram and McDonald spelled things differently so as not to scare anyone away. Good idea! The title has perplexed people since 1983. Another fast fact, the idea behind the song was the religious teaching that nothing can save mankind except our Father in Heaven.

I’m not sure if anyone reading my post believes in a higher power. However, those who do have their own interpretation. For some, higher power is God, for others it’s the Universe. Some refer to their higher power as the outdoors, a sunset, the ocean….regardless what your belief is we can all agree that we have a higher power who can save us, guide us, comfort us and when the world around us is as zany and crazy as it is today, we have a higher power that can even restore mankind.

With that said, Ya Mo B There merits a share today. Happy Sunday.


Sailing 5-9-19

On my walk this morning. The sun was shining. The view of the snow covered Cascades against the blue skies was simply breathtaking. I use this time during my walk to pray. Not only for myself but so many others on my prayer list. Today was no different. After praying I went to my YouTube and this song popped up. I’ve always loved this song. I must have been 14 years old when it was released, however the lyrics still touch my heart and soul and reminds me that life is nothing more than a canvas. A painting for me of sailing through the storms and finding peace and tranquility. as

I love the water and I especially love being on the water on a boat. The serenity of just being still, listening to the waves splash against the boat, the feeling of the sun radiating through my body gives me a sense of warmth. There’s nothing more beautiful. In my opinion, the water, the sun and everything around it is my interpretation of Gods love. As I listen to the lyrics I am reminded that peace and tranquility are possible. Everything in life will work out.

However just for today I’d like to get lost in a fantasy as I listen to this song. A fantasy that I’m sailing and everything is going to be alright.