All In A Days Work 1-21-20

Reflecting on my day. What a day it was. I went to my brothers office to help organize my dads old office which has now become a storage area for truck parts. My dads only presence these days are his machete knives that still hang on his wall. A gift from my Italian stallion San Francisco boyfriend so many years ago. Boy was my dad excited to receive those knives! Lol

While cleaning I found myself reflecting on the good times and good laughs my dad and I had in his office while pigging out on pie or tacos. As I attempted to organize all the parts I wondered if my dad and I would be in stitches because I have to be honest, I had no idea what any of the parts were but by gosh I organized everything. While I was putting parts on the shelf I was suddenly hit in the nose by a very hard object. Much to my surprise it was a small propane tank that fell from the top of the shelf hitting my nose like a baseball. My nose hurt so bad I thought I was bleeding.

When I was done I went in to my brothers office to organize his files. I was on the floor and when I went to stand up I hit my head on the corner of his desk. I think I saw stars!! I have a bump the size of a quarter on my head. One would think I’d call it quits but not this girl. I decided to clean the employee lounge. Don’t ask me how but somehow I walked face first in to a wall or cabinet and hit my face knocking my glasses off. I thought to myself “are you kidding me?!”

Any way I’m super exhausted and I’m praying I don’t have two black eyes tomorrow!! The beauty of today is tomorrow is a new day. I’d like to think my dad is in heaven having a good chuckle and I’d like to think we are laughing together.


Dynamite 8-20-18

In 1984 Jermaine Jackson debuted his “Dynamite” LP. Love Jermaine. In 1984 I was 18 and a senior in high school. Like the song, I was a stick of dynamite zipping around in my Iroc Z-28 with a car load of my gal pals smoking Mary Jane and washing it down with Cella Lambrusco. My parents were warriors. They survived my senior year and many years after that. I’ve come a long way since those party days in high school. Living life to the fullest and causing my parents many breakdowns.

How about you? What were you doing in 1984? Post your comments below. 1984 was a good year….for us seniors in high school any way.