Let The Sunshine In 4-14-20

The Number One Offender

Resentment is the “number one” offender. It destroys more people than anything else. From it stems all forms of spiritual disease, mental and physical illness. We become spiritually sick.

As we look at ourselves, we can easily see resentment as a question of “getting even” for a wrong done to “me.” If we continue to relive old hurts, it is a resentment that bars the sunlight from our soul. If we continue to relive hurts and hates, we will only hurt and hate ourselves. We must let go of resentments; Clearly, we cannot afford them. Let go and let the sunshine in.

(This Photo was taken at a hotel lobby I was at in Spokane, Wa)


2 thoughts on “Let The Sunshine In 4-14-20

  1. First, that is a beautiful picture! I love it.
    Second, I struggle with that entire concept of resentment. I typically let things go when it comes to other people, but within myself I harbor a lot of resentment towards myself. I beleive it is because I am so co-dependent.

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    • Thank you for your honesty. You’re not alone. I do the same. I suspect many others are guilty also. The good news is now that we recognize our shortcoming we can strive to make the change within ourselves. Strive not only to let go but learn to forgive ourselves.

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