Missed Again 4-14-19

I was on my way home listening to Sirius radio in my car. I love the 80’s station among the 70’s, Motown and jazz. Today I was listening to the 80’s channel. What can I say? I still love the 80’s. Mark Goodman, the announcer on the radio was telling the story of Phil Collins album after his divorce before he played a song from Phil Collins. One of the songs he wrote on his divorce album was “Missed Again”. I love this song!! As I listened I found myself laughing to myself. I thought “missed again?….the story of my life” lol.

Like the song I’ve “missed again” many times. Sadly I’ve been divorced for 17 years. In those 17 years I’ve had three relationships. All of which “I missed again” every time. A friend once told me there are three billion men in the world. Surely, the right guy is out there. I googled how many men there are in the world. Google is so smart. They know everything. Can you believe there really are over three billion men in the world?

According to Google and the world’s statistics, there are more men than women in the world today. The United Nations estimates the number of men to approximately 3,776,294,273 while women are estimated to be approximately 3,710,295,643. Approximately, 107 boys are born for every 100 girls born. Aug 24, 2017

If you ask me, the playing field just got interesting. So ladies if you’re feeling down in the dumps tonight. Maybe you find yourself in a crappy relationship. Or worse, you’re either recently single or you’ve been single for quite sometime. Relax! Those failed relationships have just been learning curves preparing us for the perfect guy we have yet to meet and with over three billion super men to choose from….grab yourself a sukiyaki and stop fretting. Of course if you’re like me and can’t drink. How about a little “Taste of Honey”. Their sukiyaki is the next best thing.



4 thoughts on “Missed Again 4-14-19

  1. Great post, Velma. Funny thing about the 80s they’ve been rattling at me lately and I found a TV channel on Freeview that plays all 80s pop videos 😀 I tell my students (when they get dumped) that there are three and and a half billion girls out there. It doesn’t help, so they tell me 😉 Never surrender someone would be lucky to get you 😘

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    • I graduated in the 80’s. I still love the music. Yes as you can see by my post you’re telling the truth. There are 3 billion girls and boys in the world. Everyone of us have a chance! Although at times it does seem like I’m running out of options lol growing up my dads words of wisdom were much different. He would always say when I was ready eyed over a failed relationship “Velma what have it told you? Men are like greyhound busses! There’s always another one at the next stop, going the same place for the same fare!” He’d then hand me a hundred dollar bill and say “here’s a hundred bucks. Go buy yourself something pretty!”

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