Go and find yourself a flower today

Finding myself a flower today

Aria-Bella Rises


Go and find yourself a flower today.
Sniff the beautiful aroma. See all the magical colours that makes up the beauty. See the imperfections that are truly perfect.
You would never see a flower and think it was terrible, or not pretty enough or not colourful enough. You see the beauty in it, even if it wasn’t one of your faves…. right??
So why do you see yourself as anything less than perfect? You are just the human equivalent of that flower… just saying!
But back to the actual flower….
Immerse yourself in a flower today.
Take a big sniff and take in that gorgeous aroma.
Look at the colour, the pattern, the leaves and see the absolute beauty in it.
Notice the texture and difference between each flower.
How the sun hits a spot, or the wind gently ruffles and moves…

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