Judgment or Criticism


Windmills of My Mind

The three wise monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

When do opinions, words spoken without thoughts become judgement or criticism? Maybe downright evil?

Let me tell you a story, sometime ago all I needed was brightness surrounding me, I thought if I basque in light then all my darkness will be gone.

My family believes that dark colors perserve things, kitchen cabinets have to be dark mahagony, tables black marbles, couches of black leather and carpets of indistict dark browns or steel greys…. you get the picture my dear reader?

I decided to re-do my abode in white, white bookshelfs, white tables, white desk and white carpeting or rather off white with little pigmintation, my curtains were white sheer and framing it I bought a beautiful green material of green that reminded me of the forest in the springtime and I made my curtains, with an…

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