Being spiritual isn’t just meditation

Very true

Aria-Bella Rises


Being spiritual isn’t just meditation and all that woo.

It is noticing a smile from a stranger, getting the chills from words in a song, it is listening to nature and feeling Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Being spiritual is simply living. Being spiritual is simply living. To the best of your ability.

It doesn’t mean you have to forgo anything. Stop anything. Look a certain way. Only be happy and at peace. There can be so many myths and preconceived ideas on what the word spiritual means.

When really all it is, is choosing to grow and evolve from our experiences. To enjoy each day mindfully. To process through everything we experience. To choose love and peace. To know the universe and the unseen have our back, and that we equally have theirs.

Yes when you truly dive in, there can be a lot of beautiful, unique experiences you can have…

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