Just open your heart up wide and go for gold

I choose love.

Aria-Bella Rises


Love is all around, love is what makes the Earth spin round. Love can soothe and love can harm. Love is what you do with no ulterior motives, what ifs or what not. It is loving on anyone, anything and yourself with no hidden agenda or thought to it. Just open that heart up wide and go for gold.

Wow reading that packs quite a punch doesn’t it. Are you loving the right way? Without expectations? It can be easy to get caught up in the buts of our love. But (hehe) there are no buts in true love.

You love regardless. You love with your whole body, mind and soul. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit human and have moments. But it means always stepping back into true love. Love with no ifs, buts or what have yous.

No, I will love you if you do this…

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