Keep going

When the going gets tough all we can do is keep going

Aria-Bella Rises


Keep going. Keep wading through.

You’ve got this. Life can suck.

Life can be amazing. It is the feeling of both, that allows us to see the difference.

No matter what is going on for you in your world…. keep going.

You never know when you’ll get to the end of that dark tunnel, and emerge into the brilliance. You’ll never know what greatness you can achieve, if you stop wading.

That wading is building your resistance. That wading is strengthening you. That wading is building empathy in you. That wading is a beautiful thing.

It may not feel it now, but it is making you into the diamond you came here to be.

So keep going, even when you feel like stopping. Keep wading when the murk is trying to suck you under. You’ve got this. You were literally born for this.

“I HAVE got this. I know I…

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