It’s okay to be a little selfish.

True words. My attorney said this to many years ago. “You are no good to anyone until you’re good to yourself”. Today was a great reminder

Resilient Black Girl

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and she told me that her step-mom sent her half-brother and sister to visit with her for a while from Florida. I asked her to define “a while” and she said until late December/ early January. This wouldn’t be an issue if my friend didn’t work two jobs and share a small living space with three other people. When I asked her why her step-mom sent them in the first place she said, “Because she needs to get her business off the ground and was feeling overwhelmed.” I wish y’all could have seen the look on my face when she said that shit. I told her that I understood that she wanted to spend time with her siblings and help her step-mom. But I pointed out that she already told me that between the two jobs, she’s exhausted. It’s fully okay to let her…

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