Fix What Is Broken

I am working on fixing what is broken. Me!

Aria-Bella Rises


Fix what is broken in your world.

This could be physical or otherwise.

If we allow ourselves to leave ‘broken’ things around us… what example are we offering about us to the universe? That we are broken? That we don’t care for our stuff? That we are not willing to fix things? The list could go on, but you get my drift.

So today, be willing to look at what is broken and look at ways it can be fixed. This may be actually fixing something, could be putting away or throwing away, it could be making the first step to repair a relationship, it could letting go of it as it doesn’t serve you any more.

Whatever the case may be. Do it, or at least start it today. Show the world, you are willing to do what is necessary.

That you won’t put up with brokenness, and you…

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