It Really Is All About Your Attitude #AttitudeDancing

Inspirational. I Laurie can do it so can I.

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I am going to go out on that limb I never wanted to climb on that avocado tree in my aunt and uncle’s front yard in Pico Rivera in Southern California. I was always so envious of the boys that would just keep climbing higher. What held me back?

But just last night I realized I was the one that climbed far higher in life. So, why am I still questioning that? Not that I surpassed them job-wise. Heck, those boys were my brothers and my cousins. They all, every single one of them, had or still have amazing success in their lives. I don’t want to diss their success, but damnit us women must speak out these days, women from both sides of the aisle I might add….

So, I have been in the lousiest of moods the past weeks (okay, really the past few months) and this weekend…

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