Yes, It Really Is About Your Mindset #GlassIsAlwaysFull

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Lately, I have been experiencing others in my universe that are far too quick to jump to conclusions, seem to accept the worst or appear to be so negative that they assume the worst case scenario.

That behavior makes me batshitcrazy.

But pondering this has opened my mind and reminded me how I grew to live my life. I always try to figure out the best scenario, of what could be, what could happen, how I can carve a good ending or how I can tackle what has come my way. For me, I seem to be able to see the silver lining.

I think being diagnosed with cancer started my journey. I did not let cancer intimidate me, but instead I became inspired to do something about it. I support non-profits that focus on cancer research, more specifically breast cancer research.

After moving to Boise, I grew professionally, spiritually…

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