Open Doors

My problem is even though the door closes I keep trying to open it back up. This is a great read and great advice

Aria-Bella Rises


You are never left in a hallway with no opened doors.

So relax and know that if a door has closed, let it stay closed and look forward to what’s behind the next door opening.

It can be hard when a door closes, gently or a giant slamming in your face. It can make you want to turn round and start yanking on the handle, trying to get it to open again. But love, why would you, when it is closed for a reason?

You have learnt that lesson, gained the wisdom, got the gold star and now it is time to move on. Embrace it, rather than think you are missing something.

Another door will slowly creak open, or fling open wide – ready to take you on another adventure. Don’t try to rush, just saviour the stroll.

Look at the scenery as you wander to the next door…

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