Grief and Grieving Does Take Time, Be Present For Others #Grief


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Back in 1999 at my first brokerage as a licensed agent in Boise, a gal named Janet told me her story of a daughter who died in a car accident. Sudden death is obliterating as I later found out 3.5 years ago when Paul died of complications from cardiac arrest.

One thing Janet told me, taught me, was that after the initial period after death and services or memorials, your friends and family go back to their lives. You are in their thoughts and perhaps their prayers, but the person grieving has no idea. Unless you reach out. Janet told me that what meant the most to her were her friends and loved ones that called frequently. Took her things, took her out, made sure she had someone to talk to.

Boise, Idaho just experienced a tragic loss because of an unspeakable attack on children and adults at an apartment…

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