A Life Full of Shine

I allow shiny things in to my life because I deserve them. So be it so it is

Aria-Bella Rises


Let yourself shine so shiny things can come back to you.

The Angels want you to know that when you shine, you attract beautiful shiny things back to you. It’s a no brainer really to shine is it?? Even on a gloomy day, you can choose to shine shine shine – you just have to will it so and change the gloom into a sunshiny day.

“I will my life to be full of shine on any given day”

Many of us believe that we have no choice, that when things are not going right – we have no choice over it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You are the maker of your own destiny.

You can choose to have a choice in any given moment. You can choose the shine over the gloom any second you wish to. While you may not be able to have…

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