Is It The End?

I’ve given myself permission to let go and move on

Aria-Bella Rises


Is it the end?

Or a brave step into the direction you were meant for?

It can be so hard to let go when you are unsure what is on the other side. When it is what you have been familiar with, even if you know it is the right thing to do. So we hold on tight.

Grasping our fists tighter and tighter, straining to keep hold of something that so clearly needs to let go.

And sometimes we can be surprised when what we let go comes right back to us. Or when something totally different emerges out of the ashes.

It is in the art of showing that you are capable and willing to let go, that the magic can happen. That an expansion and growth can occur.

Letting go, doesn’t always mean that it let goes forever – it can just mean that we have a…

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