Money As Another Form of Energy

Universe… me the money!!!

Aria-Bella Rises


Imagine money growing like the buds of a flower.

Growing purely, growing for your use. Think of money as beautiful and magical as your most favourite flower.

Knowing that its bloom fills a space in your heart, senses and delight.

Money can do that for you too. Money is purely another form of energy taking a particular shape. Used for goods and services as a sense of appreciation and thanks.

There is no sense of right or wrong attached to it, evil or good. It simply is. It is how we depict it, that gives it an attachment.

If we take a step back and remember that it is a way to give our appreciation or thanks – it starts to feel a lot nicer. If we remember bills and paying for things means we are alive.

That we are giving thanks for having a roof over our heads, electricity…

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