Life Is What You Make It

Truth. Life is what you make it. Love this

Aria-Bella Rises


Life is a fabulous joyful expression of me! I play all out!

When we realise life is happening for us rather than to us – we can start seeing that our life is exactly as it should be, for our higher learning, for our highest good, for how and what we project onto the world.

Start being mindful of what you put out there.

While the light will try to come regardless, if you’re full of mud and shadows- the light has trouble sticking and patching up those dark holes. So why not make its job easier by being as light yourself as you can possibly be.

To try and see the positives where some may not.

To know this isn’t ever lasting and all will be okay.

Life is what you make it, what you allow in.

I for one want it to be a joyful one now I…

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