Day 10 – Super ________

This is truth.

Principle Michelle

Often times when we are faced with criticism, we tend to ignore it — labeling the message as false and the messenger as a hater. I’m a firm believer that the so-called haters aren’t always wrong. Let that rest in your spirit for a minute. The haters aren’t always wrong. Now, I admit that the hater’s message is rarely spoken out of love, but rather envy is the impetus for those harsh words. Pray for this person because (s)he needs to surrender the worldly behavior of comparing and coveting. Her flawed thinking is what compels her to give you that piece of her mind that is tethered to the world.

As a way to stop the bleeding from the verbal blow you just received, you put on your Super Armor — building yourself up, up and away from the only one who is Super. I’m guilty of this, too. Although…

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