What Can I Say…I’m A Nerd 4-24-18

I am notorious for listening to the Motown station as well as The Groove, 70’s and 80’s stations on Sirius radio in my car. What can I say, I’m stuck in a time warp. The other day I picked up my niece and nephew after school listening to one of these stations. I don’t recall which song it was but I’m Confident it was from the Disco era. My niece got in the car and said “aunt Velma. Can you please turn down that music?” I turned around and asked “why? Don’t you like it?” She said “No! Its embarrassing!” Lol. Mind you she’s only 7. My kids used to think I was the ultimate nerd. Now I know it’s true. Even my niece and nephew are embarrassed.

Today on the way to pick up my niece I thought I’d venture out and listen to something from the 90’s. I pulled up at the school jamming to The Smashing Pumpkins. No word from my niece other than “can you please turn off the heater? I’m roasting in this car!” Lmao. I should mention besides being a musical 70’s nerd, I’m also always cold and am notorious for always having my heater on. Even in the summer. I think it might be time to break free from This time warp I’ve been living in otherwise my grandkids are going to call me a nerd one day too. With that said I’ll leave you with one of my classic tunes that after all these years I still listen to in private.


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