You Got This!

Great words of encouragement. Monday I have an infusion and appt with my oncologist. Friday I’m having a test to find where a blockage is in my stomach and in the coming weeks I’m presenting a settlement offer to a family member who stole everything from my family and I. Things don’t look easy but like the message “the only way through this is going through this”. Great blog

Aria-Bella Rises


You’ve totally got this!
There is no other option but through.
Through with grace and ease.
You have sooooo got this. You wouldn’t have been given and chosen this life if up above wasn’t sure you could handle it.
Anytime you have something to get through, just keep telling yourself ” The only way is through, the only way is through. And I do it easily”
Yes there is going to be challenges, yes there’s going to be out of this world amazeball moments you wish you could hold onto to. But the beauty of life is going through the highs and lows so you can learn to appreciate everything.
Be kinda boring if everything was the same day in and day out.
So remember through it all. YOU’VE GOT THIS
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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