March For Our Lives 3-24-18

I’ve been up watching all the news media on various channels covering the “March for our Lives” happening now in Washington DC. This March is led by students. Whether you believe in their cause or not, right or indifferent, these kids are an inspiration. I commend them for their strength and courage to stand up and fight for what they believe in. I firmly believe that change only happens when people stand up and take action. Even when it means being attacked or vilified by those who don’t agree with you. I am also amazed to watch their peaceful protest. Despite the massive crowds, I have yet to see the violence that we have seen in the many protests or marches we’ve seen played out in the past for various other causes. Whether you agree with these students or not it’s important to support them for their courage to take a stand and good for them for their bravery. These kids are our future and I firmly believe they are much smarter than we may think. They are the new voices across the world.


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