Life’s too short

Life really is too short to not Live life to the fullest.

Ethereal mind

Take in the smell of the wet pavement on a rainy morning and enjoy the good hair days. Stay strong and all your problems, instantly, the universe will care take.

And for a second, just for a fraction, get your head out of your phones and the long worn facade of disguise. To look at yourself and that soul in your eyes.

And life’s too short to be sitting in bed all day. Prance on those legatos and hop on those staccatos, just take yourself where your heart goes.

Life’s too short to be good at goodbyes,

So hold on to the dear ones that constantly lift you high.

Pop that bubble wrap and pop your worries too. Because no one know when it’s time to go.

Try not to deal with life lowly, savour that cup of coffee because life’s too short to not sip it slowly.

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