Your Season is Coming

My season is coming. In fact I declare it’s already here.

Holy Spirit, You are welcomed here.

How many of you have looked around in your life and it seems everybody around you is getting blessed but you? The enemy will make sure you see everybody your age having what you want. They’ve written books, they’re graduated, they’re making more money than you, they have your dream job, etc. You look around and the enemy will have you thinking that God is blessing them and not blessing you. Have you ever thought for a second that maybe it’s because what you’re carrying is so impactful to the world that what you’re carrying isn’t just a little dog, but it’s an elephant. It’s taking time for God begin to blossom you and use you. God is paying attention to you in those seasons that look like you aren’t going anywhere. How do you react whenever you are watching yourself go through a break up and people around you are…

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