Lend A Helping Hand 1-2-18

My mother and I had doctors appts today in Wenatchee. Afterwards we ran to Walmart. I don’t even remember why we went there however what I do remember is an incident that happened after we left. I can’t stop thinking about this.

After we left Walmart I saw a homeless man standing on the street corner by the signal light leaving Walmart. He had a sign that said “I’m homeless. Anything will help”.

For some reason rather than proceeding towards the signal light, I pulled in to this hamburger joint that’s near Walmart on the corner where this man was standing. My mother asked me what I was doing. I said “I’m going to buy that man lunch.” My mother asked “what man?” I said “the homeless man on the corner.”

It was tight wad Tuesday at the hamburger joint. I went through the drive-thru and ordered a cheeseburger, fries and Pepsi. After I got the order I drove towards the man. I called out to him. He walked towards my car and I handed him his drink and bag full of food. He said “I’ll sure take that Maam. Thank you. It will be my first meal today”. It was 2:00. He was so filled with gratitude. My heart went out to him. It was so cold today. I couldn’t imagine being homeless cold and hungry. I don’t know why I was inclined to do this today however I do believe that voice in my head prompting me to help that man was from god. I’m glad I did.

I’m sharing this story not for accolades rather to encourage everyone to lend a hand to those in need. It’s easy to walk away when you see someone on a street corner holding a sign. It’s easy to ignore them but really, is that the right thing to do? I try and put myself in their shoes. What if that was you? I often say “in a New York minute everything can change”. What I mean by that is “god giveth, god taketh away. I spend a whole $6.49 today. For some, that’s a lot. For me $6.49 is nothing if I can help someone in need.

Father Mario told a story once of a homeless man sitting in front of a bank asking for money. People walked in and out of the bank. Not one person helped him. They ignored him. Finally a young man walked out of the bank and lend the homeless man a helping hand. When he did, the homeless man stood up. As it turned out the man wasn’t homeless at all. Rather, he was Jesus. Father Mario asked the question “would you walk away if it was Jesus?” My answer has always been no which is why I try my best to not walk away. I’d hate to miss the chance to help someone only to find out the person I was helping was Jesus.

Next time you see someone in need, lend a helping hand. There are so many people suffering. One little act of kindness will go a long way and heck, who knows. The person you help might stand up and be Jesus.


10 thoughts on “Lend A Helping Hand 1-2-18

  1. There but for the grace of God goes I springs to mind. You have reminded me of another story that a man once shared with me. He told me that his mother once went to buy herself a fish from a takeaway and there was a homeless man outside, she felt sorry for him and bought him a fish too and took it outside and gave it to him. Instead of being grateful he shouted at her “what good is that to me, I want money not food” I wonder what happened to that man and if he ever thought of the kindness that he threw back in an old woman’s face.

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    • I can answer that. He got back exactly what he threw back. His lack of gratitude towards the kindness of someone else came back to him ten fold. “You get what you sow”. Sadly I have experienced the same from others, homeless included. I recall buying a man a bowl of soup. He gave it back to me saying he’d prefer a beer. I was very insulted by this mans lack of gratitude. However, I reminded myself not to take it personally. At the end of the day it’s what I do and how I treat others that counts. I showed compassion. I can feel good about that. I know I did the right thing in the eyes of whom really counts. God. As for the homeless man who threw back the fish or the man who gave back the soup I’m sure they are still on the streets and on many days wishing they had a bowl of soup or even a fish and more so wishing someone would be kind to them.

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      • I agree, I was once told that when we pass over we see how much joy and how much sorrow we have given to others throughout our lifetime. I agree you did the right thing. The homeless is a massive concern to me, I once knew a man who was a millionaire and he said he wanted to help the homeless. We lost touch for a few years and one day I was compelled to ring him. He told me he only had weeks to live and asked me if I was happy with my then husband, I said I was because of my pride even though I wasn’t

        He said no way was he leaving his money for the government and that he was going to marry his housekeeper! I reminded him of the homeless then but I do not think that did anything.

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      • I am ashamed to write this but I did say that he could give me something and he hung up on me! I rang back the next day and apologised and he said that forgave me. He used to be a priest an Irish man too he gave me the strength to leave a destructive marriage then only wanted to use me, a lesson I needed to learn. I’m grateful for my lessons because they have made me grow 😊

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      • Don’t be ashamed! We’re all guilty of doing things we are ashamed of. This man forgave you. He also helped you and in the end he gave you a gift. A learned lesson that will forever be valuable to you.

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      • That true, now all I need is money to help the homeless a legacy to him I suppose. If it’s meant to be it will happen, meanwhile I will offer small amounts and lots of human kindness. Thanks Velma, you have helped more than you realise 🌹

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  2. velma, this touched me. my cousin is homeless, he is also a heroin addict. he begs on the street and a lot of times people ignore him. i find this hard to fathom. how can someone ignore someone who is desperately in need? I’m glad you readched out to the homeless man. xxx

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    • I have many stories of people I’ve reached out to. Some who are addicts others who just had tragic things happen. I believe we should never walk away from anyone in need. My heart goes out to your cousin. Heroine is a terrible addiction. I pray people reach out to him in times of need and help rather than turn their back on him


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