This Moment 12-24-17

A poem by Maria Shriver

This moment

may you stop and take a moment.

Today, tonight, tomorrow,

may you take the time to reflect on all the moments that brought you here to this moment.

The moments that made your heart feel full;

The moments that took your breath away;

May you also remember the moments that made you cry.

The moment he said “no” to your sweet invitation,

or the moment she couldn’t meet you where you stood.

They are all moments that brought you here.

Do you remember the moment where you laughed

your head back, your hair blowing around, your beautiful face?

Do you remember the moment your child took your hand?

Do you remember that moment when they no longer did?

It all brings you to this moment.

Life is just simply a collection of moments.

Moments that made you and broke you and, yet, look at you,

standing here in this moment,

full of love, full of light, ready to set the world on fire with your glorious soul.

This moment is a moment of grace.

This is one powerful moment.

Embrace it.


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