Dear Santa 12-16-17

Dear Santa

Christmas is right around the corner. I thought I’d better get my letter to you right away. This year for Christmas I don’t want much. In fact, all I want for Christmas is to look and dance just like Shakira. I want her body, hair and dance moves too. I know this may seem like an odd request. Even impossible but you’re Santa Clause!!! You can deliver anything on Christmas Day!!! I believe!!

In case you need some help I thought I’d attach a video for your review so you can answer my request perfectly. I really deserve this!! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through these past couple of years?!!! Of course you do. You’re Santa!! I’m sure you understand!!

I’ve been a good girl Santa. Honest engine! Yes I’ve complained, worried and even thrown a few tantrums but throw me a bone! Life’s been tough. I’m Exhausted! And whatever it’s worth, I have repented. If God can forgive me I’m sure you can too.

I’m counting the days until Christmas. I’m looking forward to waking up Christmas morning and rather than seeing this tired and very exhausted me, I’ll introduce myself to the beautiful, talented and very sexy new me…..Shakira!

Thank you Santa. You’re the best!!!


Your bestest and sweetest girl…Velma ❤️❤️


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