Kindness Works.

Kindness works! believe that

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Ever since I realized it was World Kindness Day, I started looking for opportunities to be kind to people. More than usual. Ironically they both ended up being acts of business kindness.

(1) A guy at The Gathering Spot was desperately looking for anyone who might have any kind of communications / English background. What he was really looking for was someone in marketing to help him look over a last minute brochure he had a graphic artist to create. Spent 5 minutes of my time with him and he left with some very critical basic changes that needed to be made (spelling, messaging, white space, a call to action) that he otherwise wouldn’t have known about. That could’ve cost him some business!

(2) A very young brother stopped me on my way out wanting advice and ultimately mentorship on a little screen printing / T-shirt business he has. Another…

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