My Daily Observation: 10/22/17

How often are we guilty of missing the opportunities that are standing right in front of this. Awesome reflection this morning.

Dream Big, Dream Often


Opportunities sometimes only present themselves once and if you are not prepared physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to receive that opportunity it might take years to find another route to your goal.  It is so important to be ready when a door opens and even more important to recognize the developing opportunity!

And I know there will be lots of doors opening throughout one’s life, but sometimes THE door opens and sometimes we are not prepared for the adventure.  Sometimes we are too scared to step through to the other side.  And often times we haven’t put in the work necessary to be prepared for that exact moment when that door opens.

Now, some will say a missed opportunity “wasn’t meant to be”.   But what if that isn’t always true?  It reminds me of this parable I heard when I was a kid:

A man was trapped in his house…

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