I Believe If You Can See Something In Your Mind, You Can Hold That Something In Your Hand

This is very true

Dream Big, Dream Often

Danny's iphone 1754I believe strongly in visualization. I learned this fact of the universe when I played golf professionally and worked on my pre-shot routine. In golf my sports psychologist worked with me on seeing the shot in my mind before I hit the shot in real-time. I would imagine the height of the shot, the spin, where the ball would land and where the ball would come to rest. And when I was locked-in the ball would often times fly close to the exact path I had visualized in my mind.

If you can see something in your mind, you can hold that something in your hand. In my current role I visualize myself being the top marketing executive. I see myself in meetings with huge companies. I make myself feel the nervousness, excitement and anxiety of big meetings before they happen. I imagine myself experiencing all the perks of being…

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