Life: Thorns & Roses (4 min. rd.)

This is incredible. I love it.

Ana P. Rose's Blog

Our view of what we currently see can be very biased. But what we do see should give us clues of our path. For instance, when all the doors close, it doesn’t necessarily imply a bad thing. I’m the type of person that gets worked up when the outcomes that I expected don’t work out. It bothers me a lot. Other people can just move on, and honestly, that’s a great attitude. Me, no. I want to know why, and sometimes circumstances don’t have explanations, or people just lie. And things just happen without our consent because life happens.

We can say the same thing about any kind of relationship. I always want to know exactly what happened when things no longer work out. Once again, people change or time changes things. That’s just what it is. Nobody has to be the bad guy.

When things turn sour, our present…

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