Wavelength 7-19-17

I woke up to a crazy start this morning. I found myself tangled up underneath my covers however I felt rested. The garage door wouldn’t open. Luckily my son came over and opened it. Thank goodness. My car was in the garage and I have a doctors appointment today. Things were bright until “throw momma from the train” started yelling at me and barking demands of course. It was all I could do to refrain from taking her down!!! Lol. What’s a girl to do when things are overwhelming? I get my tennis shoes on, grab my headphones and cell phone and take a walk listening to Van Morrisons “Wavelength”. A great reminder that occasionally we need to get on a better wavelength. Mine is getting in touch with a power much greater than myself. I refer to that power as God. For me being outside experiencing nature and all its beauty while listening to music, praying, meditating is my way of getting back on the positive “Wavelength” train. Try it some time. It’s awesome.


9 thoughts on “Wavelength 7-19-17

  1. I liked you post very much. I love the mention of meditation and looking at nature. It makes us feel small we are. Did you know that one human being is nothing more than a speck of dust in the eyes of our heavenly father, Jehovah.. Next time try meditating on our beautiful earth without the music. The meditation is more productive.

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