Finding my Moxie

This is awesome. I too have finally found my moxie and I’m happy to say, it feels good!!


I’ve reached a place in time that’s right,

I’ve found myself at long last.

A place I speak up for what I believe in,

didn’t always do it in the past.

Took an age for me to find my moxie,

to not to keep it all under a lid.

To only agree with what society said,

would you believe I once did.

Now I’m as bold as brass, determined too,

I won’t take anyones shit.

If Moxie is what you call it now days,

I’ll wear the cap and say it fits.

I’m determined to get my point across,

I barge my way to the front.

But I’m eloquent with the words I use,

I do my best not to confront.




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