Top 5 PR Tips that WORK (from one of journalism’s finest)

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As entrepreneurs, everyone wants exposure for their business. Why? Because good exposure positively increases brand awareness. PR is a great way to do that “for free” so to speak – unlike traditional advertising which costs (print, digital, outdoor advertising on billboards, radio and TV commercials, etc.). Note: PR technically isn’t always “free” as many of you have discovered. If you end up engaging a PR agency to help you get exposure, that definitely costs a pretty penny. Not that it’s not worth it! But the issue is that most entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to hire a PR agency out of the gate. Not even two to three or even five years into the business. So how do we get exposure before that? As with everything entrepreneur-related, we have to learn how to do it ourselves.

We want everyone to know who we are and what we do. PR is…

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