Remove The Toxic People From Your Life 7-14-2017

I saw these words of wisdom from Les Brown today. Les Brown is a world wide motivational speaker with an incredible story. I love this guy. He always adds value to my life. This morning when I read this was no different. I’m sharing on my blog in the hopes Les’s words of wisdom will add value to someone’s life. He’s certainly added value to mine. Have an awesome day and Enjoy!!

Is there anyone in your life who tramples on YOUR feelings?Someone who behaves badly and takes advantage of you?

Well, these dysfunctional people must be REMOVED from your life…
You have to free yourself from ANYONE who is an expert at meeting their own needs at the expense of yours.

They may be a friend, family member, or even a significant other..

But here’s the thing:

If they demonstrate a total LACK of respect for your feelings, your boundaries, and your life……then you must break free of them if you ever hope to achieve your goals and make YOUR dreams come true!
You’ve got to live in your OWN story…

Don’t try to EDIT someone else’s!

Because that’s a recipe for disaster…

Do whatever you have to so you can avoid being caught up in someone else’s ”maze of madness”…

You’re NOT responsible for their life choices OR their consequences…

You’ve got to practice RADICAL self-care if you want to maintain your own peace of mind.

Do at least one thing every day that:

– Nourishes your spirit

– Opens your heart

– Builds your mental resiliency

Remember: It’s YOUR life…

So live it with deliberate INTENT and GREAT passion…

And don’t forget..

You have GREATNESS within you, – Les Brown


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