Resting In My Thinking Place

This a great read. I too have been battling PTSD.


I have found myself deep inside that thinking place of mine.  I don’t dwell here very often. I believe it’s because for the past eight years I have been in a constant a constant battle with my PTSD, setting a goal, or “doing” growth and change.  I haven’t allowed myself to just sit and think for a while. When I write, I will let the words or ideas simmer, rest, then make changes, but even that seems active and doing on my part.

Resting in my thinking place I have been pondering change. Change is a fact of life. Our bodies change, as do our cognitive abilities. Our circumstances change, the weather changes and so do the seasons. We change our minds, our clothes and our cell phones. Sometimes we embrace change, but sometimes change can be frightening. The fear of the unknown and the anticipation of what could be, can be…

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