My Journey To The Other Side of Grief #GriefIsLife

This is a great blog about grief. For he it took six years to heal from the loss of my dad. I’m on the mend and like Laurie, I’m
A much better person for it.

Laurie B's Blog©

Looking back, two and half years later, I find myself in a life I did not expect and yet a life that I now embrace fully. I really thought I would grow old with Paul, doing daily activities together. It’s sort of me and my dog, Zeke, now. I have learned to say yes to more invites, to try new recipes and invite friends for dinner to taste test, to branch out and travel more.

This path did not find its way easily.

They say that grief is the most important and yet the most difficult experience we have in life. In the beginning, it is all you can think of. You go to bed crying, you wake up crying. You turn a corner of sadness only to bet met with sadness around the bend. I recall a dear friend telling me that it takes a full year to recover…

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