It Can Happen 4-27-17

Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen. Your Miracle and Mine is on its way!!
In the words of Yes….It Can Happen!!! We just have to believe and trust in a power much greater than ourselves. I refer to my  power as God but you are free to call yours what makes you comfortable. Just believe and have faith!!!
Often times when facing a trial in our lives it seems like it will never end however all things have an end. I’ve faced many trials in my life and I have to admit, in every trial,  I found myself at a point on many occasions wondering “will this ever end?”  Eventually the trial ended and a new one began. My trials these past few years are no different.  My knees and the bathroom floor have become very good friends these past few years. I’ve been on my knees many times asking God for the strength to get through each day. The result of those prayers is I’m still here and I haven’t given up despite the trials being thrown at me like baseballs!!! 

The Bible tells us nothing is impossible for God. If this is true, and I believe it is, then the impossible challenge we find ourselves in today may seem impossible to you and me but a cake walk for the “Big Guy” in heaven. 

Life is a constant fight, however, whether you’re facing a financial challenge, a health challenge, a spiritual challenge, professional challenge and you are feeling like it will never end…..Today might be the day you receive a check in the mail that will pay off your debt in full, the illness you have been fighting will be miraculously cured, that job you’ve been hoping for will finally come to fruition and that spiritual challenge will finally resolve itself as you recognize the miracles and blessings in your life and find yourself grateful for what you do have opposed to focusing on the things you don’t have. 

Today life may seem impossible but miracles happen every day. Today might be the day you experience yours. “It Can Happen”. In the words of YES….It can happen to you, it can happen to me, it can happen to everyone eventually. Believe in the impossible and have faith.  When you do….”something wonderful will happen” 


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