Feathers On A Breeze by Gloria Ann Spencer

If there is anything that inspires me the most are the stories of strong women. Especially strong women who have faced adversity yet never give up. My friend Gloria Ann Spencer wrote this. It’s her own personal story. And what a story at that. As women we have all felt like this but how often are we blessed to have feathers land on us from heaven. I am so inspired by Gloria I felt the need to share her story. Like me Gloria’s Dream is to use her story to make a difference in the lives of others. She made a difference in my life today and I pray after reading this she will make a difference in yours. 
The Musing of a Girl that loves Oak Trees and Feathers

Feathers On A Breeze
I arrived late to a memorial service, and I have to admit, I did so on purpose. I slipped silently in one of the very back pews, on the family’s side. The back pews will surely accept family members, even the one with a piece of paper that states we are no longer a unit. From the back pew I can see the back of my son’s heads, as well as other familiar ones.
I sit STILL with my head held high, and my heart open. I listen to the words being spoken. Words of faith, family, love. WORDS.

Memories of a past life visit me, reminding me how the years and life has passed. Some times of heart break, love, happiness, laughter. A Bitter sweet melancholy begins to lower its self on me.

I was drawn back to the preacher’s words, words of belief, life and memories. I stand STILL with my head bowed with others listening to the closing prayer.

I move out of the chapel quickly without a noise. I hear my name being called out. I stop for a few quick hugs and stories from old friends from the past. They are kind and express their love for me, and let me leave.

My green eyes filled with tears. My mind was questioning, why had my life taken the path it had. I thought of the countless late nights and early morning prayers, I have prayed. Asking for my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my heart to be open and filled with his presence. I requested my mouth to be shut unless it was to be used for his glory. So many nights I hug my body tight requesting for his loving touch, a hug.

As I walked briskly to my car a whirlwind swirls around me, blowing feathers of all sizes and colors around me, out of a mighty oak tree. The wind was bending the branches of the large tree, the feathers kept falling around me. The feathers spun around me brushing against my skin, so many feathers that they would have had to come from multiple birds, so many feathers, small, medium, large, and so many colors, white, brown, and black. The wind was kissing my face and lifting my hair. As I took one step at a time towards my car the feathers continued their dance around me. 

A thought came to my mind that I needed to capture this moment on my cell phone, because no one would believe my description of what had happened. The sensation of my God showering his love on me was breath taking.

I have laughed out loud and said that if God was going to show me the way , he was going to have use a large free standing sign with neon letters, and a flashing red arrow pointing me the way to go. Instead HE used my love of the might oak trees and my child like delighting in finding feathers. Feathers that to me meant a sign from the angels. Recently, I had stopped looking for feathers, my heart had become weary. GOD reached out to me and made me see, and feel HIS love for me. My sign was swirling about me. I will continue to thank God daily, and know that as long as I take one small step, He will continue guide me in the direction to go.

Gloria Ann Spencer 2/3/17


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